"In some sort of magical kingdom, every bar you walked into would have Mary McBride performing onstage. Her rugged, force-of-nature voice unpacks the old spiritual like some distant relative of gospel legend Marion Williams." -  THE WASHINGTON POST
"Her voice is part angel, part truck driver, as if to say sometimes you power through sadness and sometimes you hope for a miracle." - THE NEW YORK TIMES 
" McBride has become something of a treasure – easily one of the more credible competitors in the sweepstakes to stake out some of the roots music territory staked out by fellow Louisiana native Lucinda Williams. - THE VILLAGE VOICE
“Huge pipes, writes a mean song, and comes with a band that's rock-ready.” - HOUSTON PRESS
"...brilliant breakthrough record..." - CHICAGO SUN TIMES
”One of the greatest song cycles about love ever written..." - OFFBEAT

 "soulful shades of Janis Joplin on this fine collection of retro-inspired songs...fun and flirty..." - PEOPLE

 “Passionate blasts of soulful music that explore the dark undercurrents of modern life while lifting the spirit in the process...” - PLAYBACK MAGAZINE

 "the future of blue-eyed soul..." - ALL THAT JAZZ

 "Enter Mary McBride, a rare exception whose song craft defies all expectations. This promising starlet has tailored a masterpiece, impeccable in every crevice." - HARP

"Equally at home in the clubs of her adopted NYC or in a texas dance hall, singer-songwriter Mary McBride is building a fan base that will keep her on the road for as long as she wants to be there.” - THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE 

"Her songwriting has the intriguing combination of heartland soul and city street grit...a crackling line between guitar-driven alt-rock and classic honky-tonk."  - NEW ORLEANS GAMBIT 

 “impassioned vocals, greasy guitars, tales of heartache and lost dreams." - NO DEPRESSION